I was born and raised in Vienna - Austria, but since my mother is a Japanese artist, I’ve always been drawn to Japan and the arts. My first career path was in International Relations. I graduated from the International Christian University in Tokyo and later worked for the United Nations in Austria.

Over the years, I developed a passion for film-making. What started as a hobby filming trips and friends led me to attend film school in Paris and Vienna. Ever since, I’ve worked for a variety of projects in different countries. For the United Nations and Toyota the main focus was commercial videography, but I’ve also engaged in artistic, event or sport-related projects.

Video and film are made of visuals, sound and story. Tuning these ingredients to make one product or art work is always a fascinating process for me. Sharing this process with other crew members and clients makes it an even more refreshing and rewarding occupation, which I would like to continue for many years to come.

I’m looking forward to creating with you!